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Trail 5

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sucevita_tr_5 Dragusin m_b tr_5

Length:206 m

Height: 265 m

Vizualizaţi Dragusin pe o hartă mai mare

Mountain biking enthusiasts can take this trail that coincides with the Nordic Walking route and extends for another 4 km. There is a barrier on the trail, put up by the Forestry Board to restrict motor vehicle access in the area, but hikers and cyclists are allowed to go past it. After about 3 kilometres, the trail reaches the forest, with clearings breaking the heavy cluster of trees. The trail is without difficulties and alternates on both sides of the creek. Visitors can marvel at the flora and fauna of the place, making the experience even more delightful. The pure ozone rich air, the tranquillity and green scenery of the forest unwinds and rejoices the cyclists.

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