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Trail 1

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Length: 9,2 km

Height: 464 m

Vizualizaţi Dealu Negru pe o hartă mai mare

The starting point of the trail is the Municipal Park and it crosses the central area of the resort up to the Furnicular Street, near the transport facility. The climb follows a cobblestone road amid houses and, after a 20 minute walk, visitors can marvel at a bird’s eye view of the town. In the north-west one can see the Ousoru Peak, a crest of the Suhard summit, in the north-east lies the Bârnărel crest, and, in the distant horizon, the Giumalau Peak. The pinnacle ridges of the Bistrita Mountains can be seen in the east-north east. Upon leaving the houses behind, the trail enters a coniferous forest and, after 10 minutes, the trail crosses paths with the ski slope. The ski slope will cross the trail two more times before reaching the funicular “intermediate” – a new panorama spot that overlooks the Dorna Depression. The trail will continue toward the Funicular Chalet, alongside the ski slope (10-15 minutes), where another amazing panorama overlooking the Rodnei Mountains will unveil (north-west). After a halt at the Chalet, the trail will follow the level curve from underneath the TV relay located on the Diecilor Peak (1301m). The path cruises the ridge of the Black Hill, on a wide enough forest road that leads to the old TV relay. The trail descends alongside the electricity poles and reaches the top of the Veverita ski slope. The slope will take you to the Municipal Park, at the Ferdinand Spring (still water spring). The trail follows the alleys of the park approaching terminus (approximately 10 minutes).

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