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Vatra Dornei

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Situated at an altitude of 802 meters, in a depression passage of the Oriental Carpathians, the Vatra Dornei resort town attained its fame as a curative location in the second half of the 18th century, when the mineral waters of this former Austrian Empire province (Vatra Dornei-Candreni-Saru Dornei) landed on the emperor’s dining table in Vienna.

Vatra Dornei has always been a leading attraction spot, considering the beautiful landscape, as well as the exceptional healing properties of the waters that have gradually built up a name for the town, as one of the first rate balneal resorts in Romania.

Surrounded by the peaks of the Giumalau (north), Suhard (north-west) and Calimani (south) Mountains, Vatra Dornei is the starting point for hiking trails on three significant peaks: Suhard, Giumalău – Rarău, Călimani and Bistriţei.

Welcome to Vatra Dornei Nature.Fitness.Park®

Nature.Fitness.Park – Active Outdoor Tourism Park is the ideal place for amusement and leisure, sports and other outdoor activities. Nature.Fitness.Park Vatra Dornei consists of a network of 6 Nordic Walking and Mountain Bike trails with different degrees of difficulty and a very precise and modern signposting system that indicates the direction and the distance left to your destination.

At each of the two departure points – the Municipal Park and the Bârnărel Quarter – there are two billboards providing information on the types of sports that can be practiced on the trails, including recommended warming up drills, altitude and degree of difficulty.

You are welcome to choose an itinerary, decide on the duration of your workout, remember the number of the trail and relax actively! Enjoy the parks!


What to see and do in Vatra Dornei 

Recreation and leisure
If you wish to relax and escape daily tension, Vatra Dornei welcomes you with pure ozone and the tranquillity of a small mountain town. You will enjoy taking long walks in the surrounding areas and in the town park where you will marvel at the jocund squirrels and quench your thirst with the mineral waters from the spring. Walking or hiking can be substituted by funicular ride up to Diecilor Peak, where you can relish in the bird’s eye view of the town.

The nearby Calimani National Park offers another picturesque alternative of hiking and unwinding in nature. The mountain meadows are replete with herbs and flowers whose colours and scent will delight your senses. For those very active tourists we recommend the programme “Horseback riding for a day in Calimani”, under the supervision of a park representative.

If you want to do something new, you could have a night out on the town, clubbing or going to a pub, or you could attend one of the numerous festivals organised in Vatra Dornei: the folklore festival, the wild berries festival, the mountain peony festival, the winter festival, Dorna Xtrem and many others.

Health and wellness

The balneal resort of Vatra Dornei is endowed with four modern treatment facilities, with carbonated water baths, mud packs, hydrotherapy, exercise room for kinetic therapy. There are 6 springs for internal treatment and over 30 springs for external treatment (carbonated, bicarbonate, calcic, chalybeate, saline, low sulphur, oligometallic, athermal, etc). The renowned mud of Poiana Stampei not only benefits your health, but it also relaxes the body and cleanses your skin. The balneal facility also welcomes wellness enthusiasts who can enjoy a wide range of services including massage, mud packs and mineral water baths.

Active tourism

Vatra Dornei is the ideal place for active people who wish to discover nature. Be it winter or summer, Vatra Dornei is the place to be. Ski enthusiasts can enjoy 2 slopes outfitted for alpine skiing, Nordic, cross-country and freestyle skiing, as well as beginner courses: the Telescaun Slope  - 3200 m long, 400 m lift, with funicular cable transport facility, and the Park Slope 900 meters long, 150 m lift, with Ski lift and Baby-ski lift transport facilities. Extreme sports enthusiasts can practice mountain climbing, ice escalade or snowmobile rides in winter.

In summer, visitors enjoy Nordic walking, mountain trips – leisure tours to panorama spots, paragliding, mountain biking, river rafting, horseback riding. The nature discovery guided tours can reveal a side of nature you have never imagined before.

Life in the countryside
The Dorna depression is replete with traditional households, many of which have turned into rural tourism lodges and boarding houses. You can spend a holiday amidst nature, surrounded by mountains and forests, while experiencing the daily routine of a traditional mountain family. You will enjoy the traditional homemade food, prepared from natural ingredients and mineral spring water.
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