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Trail 2

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Length:305 m

Height: 335 m


Vizualizaţi Runc pe o hartă mai mare

The starting point of the trail is the municipal park, as the start billboard is located near the pedestrian bridge across the Dorna river. The trail strolls alongside the river up to the bottom of the Runc Hill (10 minutes) and continues on the stairs that lead to a small camping site. The Runc Hill is part of the Suhard summit and is a starting point for the ridge trail, connecting it to the Rodnei Mountains. The trail continues for 30-45 minutes towards the Runc Peak, a panorama spot overlooking the Vatra Dornei Resort and the Bistrita river Valley. The peak trail is breathtaking and relatively easy to follow across a few tree clusters and meadows. One can marvel at the ridges of the Suhard Mountains, alongside the Ousoru (1639 m) and Faraoane (1715m) Peaks. Depending on the season, visitors can often halt to taste bilberries and raspberries they find along the way. The trail will then cross orchards and clearings on a steep descent towards the Tartar Road (cobblestone road that connects the centre of the city and the small village on Popeni street). Upon reaching the road, visitors will admire the amazing scenery alongside the Dorne river. Before reaching the arrival point, the trail allows for a rest and a chance to marvel at the northern side of the Black Hill and the two ski slopes.

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