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Trail 1

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Parc Arinis


Length: 2,7 km

Height: 2 m

Vizualizaţi Parc Arinis pe o hartă mai mare

The departure point for the trail is the Tourist Information Centre, located in the “Lunca Moldovei” Dendrological Park. The trail strings along the alleys of the Dendrological Park, laid out in the south-west of the town, on the left bank of the Moldova river.

There are well over 500 plant varieties in the park, ligneous species and types from all over the world which, along fully grown trees such as the white fir tree, the silver fir tree and the  aspen, create a relaxing scenery. This particular trail provides an outlook on the “Soimul” ski slope, situated on the opposite side of the Moldova river.   

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