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Gura Humorului

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Gura Humorului is situated at the Eastern border of the Bucovina Obcini (Bucovina Hills), in the North of Romania. Within perfect distance from the Bucovina Monasteries (Voronet, Humor, Moldovita), and with breathtaking scenery, the Humor area is a most attractive and interesting location for cultural tourism and active, outdoor tourism as well.

Gura Humorului town is situated at 36 km from Suceava municipality, at an altitude of approximately 470 m, and is flanked by average height slopes, covered with broadleaf and coniferous woods. The very pleasant climate of the region makes it the ideal place for recreation and leisure, and one weekend or a holiday spent here can soothe and delight your soul.

The town lies in the Humor and Moldova river Valley and is surrounded by picturesque hills: Obcina Voronet, Piciorul Înalt (787m), Arşiţa Boilor (700m), Tarniţa (832m), Obcina Mare, Obcina Voronet with the Măgura peak (816m) covered with fir trees, birch and beech forests.

The natural resources and the cultural attractions in the area add up to the abounding traditions and customs, arts and crafts, as well as the typical cuisine of the area.

Welcome to Gura Humorului Nature.Fitness.Park®  

Nature.Fitness.Park® – Active Outdoor Tourism Park is the excellent choice for leisure and amusement, sports and various outdoor activities. Nature.Fitness.Park®.Gura Humorului consists of a network of 5 Nordic Walking and Mountain Bike trails with different degrees of difficulty and a very precise and modern signposting system that indicates the direction and the distance left to the final point.

At each of the two starting points – the Central Park and the Tourism Information Centre – there are two billboards providing information on the types of sports that can be practiced on the trails, including recommended warming up drills, altitude and degree of difficulty.

You are welcome to choose an itinerary, decide on the duration of your workout, remember the number of the trail and relax actively! Enjoy the parks!

What to see and do in Gura Humorului  

Recreation and leisure

Once you have reached Gura Humorului, you can enjoy the tranquillity of this resort amidst the Bucovina Hills. The leisure package of the area is worth discovering. The Arinis Park, in the everglade of the Moldova River, awaits its visitors with an indoor Olympic size swimming pool and a children’s pool, training fields and a skating ring. The ski slope is 1350 m long and is endowed with a ski lift and a snow machine. On the way to the slope, there is a special camping site, provided with all the utilities necessary for trailers, located on the right bank of the Moldova river.

Should you feel somewhat spiritless in the evening, we would gladly recommend one of the local restaurants where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine, or perhaps one of the pubs and clubs in the town. We also recommend the well-known festivals in the area: The Humor Days, Humour in…Humor, Autumn in Voronet, the Easter Fair.

Nature and culture

The fresh air and the green leaves of the forest invite you to walk and hike. Be it summer or winter, one can always enjoy a sip of bilberry brandy by the side of a camp fire or by the fireplace. The gentle stroll in nature is perfected by the tranquillity of the monasteries. The renowned Voronet Monastery is only 4 km away from the centre of the town, and the Humor Monastery is closely situated at approximately 5 km north. Both monasteries are UNESCO world heritage sites and bequeath a valuable cultural and historic account of these places. You can also experience another glimpse of tradition by visiting Cacica, a village situated at 18 km from Humor, an ancient multicultural community that dates back to the Austrian Empire, a pace where you can visit the Catholic Church (Basilica Minor) and the Cacica Salt Mine.

The villages near Humor are still replete with tradition and one should not be surprised to see the locals wearing the beautiful traditional costumes on a holyday. Should you visit the area on Christmas or on Easter, you will witness the well preserved ancient authentic traditions.

    • Active tourism
The surroundings of Gura Humorului offer countless opportunities to unwind and enjoy practicing your favourite sports. Fishing, paragliding, horseback riding, skiing, nordic walking and mountain biking are just a few of the activities performed every year by the tourists visiting Gura Humorului. You are welcome to relax actively on the trails of Gura Humorului.Nature.Fitness.Park®!
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