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Trail 3

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Lunca Modovei -


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Length:331 m

Height: 440 m


Vizualizaţi Lunca Modovei - Soimul pe o hartă mai mare

The trail has the following main attractions: Piatra Soimului Nature Reserve and Piatra Pinului Geological Oligocene Reserve (protected areas). The trail starts at the Tourist Information Centre in the Dendrological Park “Lunca Moldovei”, strides along the alleys of the park and then crosses the suspension bridge over the Moldova river. The trail ascends through the forest, past the Forest Range, and uphill till it reaches Piatra Soimului ( Falcon Rock),  a favourite with tourists for the picturesque rocks in the forest, not only for their beauty but also for a chance to practice a variety of sports such as mixed difficulty rock climbing, Tyrolean traverse, etc.

The steep mountain trail leads to an old lapidary sanctum, once inhabited by an anchorite – probably the eremite Daniil. The climb continues to the highest point of the “Soimul” ski slope that offers a bird’s eye view of the town, trailing down towards the Nemtoiu Chalet – where tired tourists can quench their thirst or enjoy the traditional cuisine of Bucovina.

From the Chalet, the trail follows the course of the Moldova River upstream, past Piatra Pinului, an extremely important paleontological ecosystem, with numerous fish fossil remains. On the way to the suspended bridge, visitors can admire a basso-rilievo depicting Stephen the Great, ruler of Moldavia. From the suspended bridge that crosses the Moldova River, the way back retraces the steps to the starting point.
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