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Trail 2

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Varvata - Staniste

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Length:156 m

Height: 195 m


Vizualizaţi Varvata - Staniste pe o hartă mai mare

The trail starts from the Central Park of the town - the Tourist Information Centre. Striding along Piata Republicii Street, you will reach the bridge that crosses the Humor Creek and follow its undulate course upstream. The Humor Creek will be on the left side of the trail that carries on till it cuts across the Varata stream and continues uphill for about 200 meters along the Varata Valley. The trail will then take you on a gentle climb over the Albu Hill (nearby the Jewish Cemetery, the second largest in the county) and continue across enchanting meadows till it reaches the Staniste Hill – panorama spot. The outlook stretches out toward the town, the “Soimul” ski slope and the Dendrological Park. The trail then descends the Staniste peak and comes down the Humor Monastery street that leads to the centre of the town. Thereafter, visitors will admire the Olga Kobyleanska Park that exhibits the bust of the Ukrainian writer Olga Iulianovna Kobyleanska (Ольга Кобилянська), the Orthodox church of the Holy Emperors Constantin and Elena, and the Roman-Catholic church celebrating the Holy Trinity (built in 1811). The trail continues around the Best Western Bucovina Hotel and the roundabout, and winds up in the Central Park.

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